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This Is Us

Welcome to the Original Bagel. We are descendants from the first bagel family in Philadelphia. Owner Michael Leibowitz is a fifth-generation bagel baker whose family came down from New York. On June 3rd, 1965, his father Melvin Leibowitz opened the first bagel bakery in Philadelphia called "New York Bagel", located on the corner of City Line and Haverford Ave in the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia. To this day, Michael still uses his fathers' recipes, boiling and baking his bagels the old-fashioned way. On September 1st, 1995, Michael opened his own shop in the lovely town of Broomall PA. When you come into the store, you will see Michael is always there with his wife Christine. So come on in and taste what a bagel is supposed to taste like!

Mike Leibowitz.

Carrying on a tradition for decades, Mike opened the New York-Style bagel shop in Broomall, a beautiful town with an incredible community of people. His father Melvin originally opened the first traditional bagel bakery in Philadelphia in 1965 called New York Bagel. This shop in Broomall has been up and running since 


A Little Love Story.

Mike and Christine met in 2016, and since they have ran the shop together. With Mike baking the bagel and Christine stirring up yummy goodies, they make the perfect synchronized team. 

Well Oiled Machines.

Our Team.

During the day, we have a wonderful staff taking orders, preparing sandwiches, and keeping up on the store front for our wonderful community of customers who come in daily. Throughout the night, our team of expert bakers prepare dough to be baked throughout the day and bake bagels through the night for larger orders. 

Thank you.

Thank you, to our community of people who support us daily. It is wonderful to be located in a small town of selfless and giving people who has created this bubble of bagel lovers. 

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